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New XBox Games
Posted on 06.21.11 by thisweekon @

When new xbox games come out…they are the thing to get! Who wants to get the older games when the new and improved graphic games are out for all to play with and enjoy. And sometimes you don’t even have to buy them – you can just rent them and then if you like it and you know that you will be playing with it often you can go out and buy it. They have some fun games out for all ages and boys and girls too now.

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xbox 360
Posted on 10.21.10 by thisweekon @

Can you believe that it is the holiday time already! There is just so much to do an dfor some reason I have to shop more and more every year. Maybe because as the kids get older they are more demanding and they know exactly what they want like an xbox 360 for example. Kids get to that certain age and if their friends have it then they want it as well. They want to be the place that has the cool xbox accessrories so that their friends can come over. And if that xbox will keep my kids at home and have their friends come over their house – then it is worth it. I will get that xbox game unit for them in that case!

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Riding Toys
Posted on 08.12.10 by thisweekon @

Kids love riding toys and now is the time to check out the great end of the summer sales for them. There are so many great kids wheels out there. I know that I always loved riding toys when I was little and my nieces and nephews are always out in their drivesways all summer long playing with their big wheels, bikes, scooters and those very cool power cars that I did not have when I was a kid but would have loved to have had. They are just so cool and because the season is unfortunately coming to a close there are great buys out there right now!

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